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Implementation Tools

A No Hit Zone is an environment that supports a culture of safety and health where:

  • No adult shall hit another adult.
  • No adult shall hit a child.
  • No child shall hit an adult.
  • No child shall hit another child.

Family homes, organizations and communities can become a No Hit Zone. A comprehensive No Hit Zone program will include multiple strategies in order to effectively influence attitudes, norms, and behaviors. Individual strategies focused on attitude and behavior change are supported through environmental strategies that emphasize long-term social and policy change. A Readiness Assessment can be a helpful tool to support the planning process for No Hit Zone program implementation.

Become a No Hit Zone by completing the four Strategies for Change:
    1. Provide Information: Raise awareness and provide education. Show your visual commitment to being a No Hit Zone through the No Hit Zone Program Materials.
    2. Promote Safe Places: Increase safety of the environment and review options for the prevention of hitting. Use the Implementation Review when developing your plan to increase environment safety.
    3. Build Skills: Support staff members and parents/caregivers of children in building skills to resolve conflict using supportive intervention.
      • For Staff Members: Staff training on nonviolent conflict resolution skills and supportive communication will improve ability to prevent hitting and reduce problems through effective intervention. The No Hit Zone Training provides an overview of the No Hit Zone program and learning activities to enhance the implementation of supportive interventions.
      • For Families: Support parent/caregiver education and learning of positive discipline strategies that do not involve hitting. Share the No Hit Zone Family Pledge Link and available family support resources in your community.
    4. Policy: Adopt a policy or rule where hitting is not allowed and people support healthy kids and safer communities through No Hit Zones. Review the Sample No Hit Zone Policy.

An effective No Hit Zone will include a periodic review of strengths and areas for improvement. Utilize a team approach to review the program effectiveness and strategies for providing information, promoting a safe environment, building skills and implementation of policy. The Implementation Review can be a helpful tool when reviewing your No Hit Zone program.

Continuous program evaluation will support the sustainability of the No Hit Zone program. The Program Evaluation tool provides possible evaluation measures that could be included in your program evaluation.

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