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Implementation Plan

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No Hit Zones support safe, healthy and nurturing relationships and environments across the lifespan. Hitting is a form of behavioral violence that can be prevented. A No Hit Zone applies to corporal punishment, sibling violence, interpersonal adult violence, elder abuse and domestic abuse. No Hit Zone programs strive to raise awareness and advocate for safe and healthy environments across the lifespan for people of all ages to thrive.

Use this survey as a tool for establishing a supportive No Hit Zone environment within your organization. The questions below are designed to help guide group reflection and discussion about your No Hit Zone implementation progress:

10 questions for group discussion

Provide information:
  1. Are No Hit Zone materials posted in places that are visible?
  2. Does the organization provide opportunities or resources to learn more about the No Hit Zone?
Promote a safe and supportive environment
  1. Have high-risk areas (i.e., places where hitting is more likely to occur) been identified and followed up with a plan to prevent and/or reduce risk for hitting in that specified area?
  2. Have child-friendly strategies (e.g., distraction kits) been put into place?
  3. What physical design changes can be made to improve the safety the environment (e.g., kid-friendly waiting area)?
Enhance skills of parents/caregivers and staff
  1. Do staff members feel comfortable talking about the No Hit Zone with individuals and have the knowledge to share supportive parenting or family resources offered within the organization or community?
  2. Has staff received training in supportive communication and de-escalation strategies (i.e., ways to prevent or help people calm down before escalation to a larger problem)?
  3. Do staff members respond consistently to early signs of stress or problem escalation?
  4. Do staff members de-brief following each No Hit Zone situation to reflect and discuss areas for improvement?
Implement a No Hit Zone Policy
  1. Does the organization have a written No Hit Zone policy with procedures outlining professional conduct for staff (i.e., guidelines for supportive responses)?

    Continuous program evaluation will support the sustainability of the No Hit Zone program. The Program Evaluation tool provides possible evaluation measures that could be included in your program evaluation.

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