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No Hit Zone Sample Scenarios

Scenario 3/3

You notice a family consisting of two adults and three children in your facility. The adult male looks angry and has begun to swear at the adult female. The children look visibly shaken and the youngest starts to cry.

Child crying
A. I would do nothing. The family’s situation is none of my business.
Staff will have different opinions on how much support should be provided to families in this type of situation. You can always offer a form of support to the family regardless of knowing the specifics of the situation. A calm, sympathetic presence or small action of support can be helpful in supporting the de-escalation of a situation.
B. I would call security as I am concerned for the safety of the children and woman. I do not feel safe intervening in this situation.
Staff should not feel the need to intervene alone when personal safety is questioned. Requesting additional support or help from crisis services may be appropriate when safety of self or others is in question.
C. I would ask if there was anything that I could do to help.
Offering assistance to the family may be a helpful gesture to show support to the family. A simple offer to provide help could interrupt potential escalation and avert further problems.
D. I have no idea what I would or should do in this situation.
Every situation will require professional judgement and consideration of multiple factors. Staff discussions and planning for potential problems will help staff gain confidence and competence in providing supportive intervention when needed.
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